Help For Diabetics That Need Glasses

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Recently one of our visitors emailed us for help finding an elderly diabetic man free glasses.

Medicare pays for his eye exams but apparently and unfortunately does not pay for the actual glasses.

He hadn’t upgraded his prescription in 10+ years because he is unable to afford the cost.

This is the unfortunate condition in which many without vision insurance find themselves.

If you find yourself in this position there is help available through The Lion’s Club.

While it is best to have vision insurance so that you can get an exact prescription many are unable to afford the associated costs with maintaining such an insurance plan.

Thanks to programs provided through such organizations those in need can benefit.

If you have any free resources please feel free to leave a comment and if your resource is good we’ll post it!

For those that need free glasses click here.

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Comment from admin
Time August 5, 2015 at 11:16 am

Hi Kelvin,

Not sure if you’re still accessing email but have you checked out getting readers from a dollar store?

I’m not sure how poorly you see but I’m diabetic and have had significant vision issues as well. Mostly I can get by with readers ($3 – $5 at most dollar stores)

In fact I usually use readers for most things in my daily life.

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