How Can I Prevent Blindness from My Diabetes? Part 2

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The results of uncontrolled blood sugar can be very scary as mentioned in part 1 of this series of articles but there are ways to prevent blindness as a result of Diabetes.

The simple answer from part 1 was to control blood sugar levels and we examined why a physicians help is important in this matter.

This article will focus on the importance of diet in the life of a diabetic and the effects of a poor diet on the vision of a diabetic as opposed to good things someone with diabetes can do to maintain their vision.

When sugar levels are ignored untold amounts of damage happen in a diabetic’s body including the eyes. If attention is not given to blood sugar levels blindness is almost a certainty.

So what kind of foods are bad for the vision of a diabetic?

Foods that contain trans fats are shown to have an extremely negative effect on blood sugar levels and can also have negative effects on vision.

Highly processed foods are also shown to have negative effects as they usually are high on the glycemic index and therefore tend to cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

Refined flour is included as well as white rice which both can elevate blood sugar levels rapidly and therefore can contribute to vision problems.

Think whole grain, unprocessed / less processed food when making diet choices. The less that’s been done to it the better.

Another recent study (from an article published August 2009) done by the university of oxford showed that in rats (studies done in rats in the past have shown many similarities to human results) when fed a high fat diet even over the course of a few days their brain function and their performance levels during excercide or their tolerance to excercise decreased noticeably.

The rats started with a diet containing 7.5% fat and then 1/2 of the population of rats were then switched to 55% fat diet which is not all that uncommon in the western (read US) diet.

At the end of the study they concluded that there was a significant decrease both in cognitive ability and physical endurance.

Why are the results of that study important to a diabetic in regards to vision?

Because one of the most effective ways to control blood sugar levels is through exercise.

According to the results of the study it would seem that if one has a high fat diet they would more easily tire out from exercise and therefore be less motivated to actually do it.

A vicious circle usually leading to weight gain in diabetics and perpetuating the negative effects of the condition.


Eat whole foods and a low fat diet not only for the direct effects on blood sugar control but also so that exercise will be more desirable / less burdensome.

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