How Can I Prevent Blindness from My Diabetes?

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A very common concern among diabetics is “How can I prevent blindness as a result of my diabetes?

And the answer should be the same almost anywhere you look.

It’s a simple answer though though attaining it is very difficult for many.

The answer is the best way to preventing blindness as a result of diabetes is to control your blood sugar levels.

In various articles on this site we have addressed the symptoms and the basic causes of retinopathy and macular degeneration as well as preventative measures but the following series of articles will examine in more detail things that can help manage diabetes and talk about methods of blood sugar control.

The 3 major things are:

1. Regular checkups with your physician and following sound medical advice

2. A Healthy Diet

3. Regular Excercize

We will also talk about some products that when used in conjunction with the above may be useful to safeguard your vision.

For part 1 of this series we will cover the regular checkups.

Why are regular checkups necessary in order to maintain proper health?

If nothing else checkups allow you to see, if nothing else (usually much more), whether the current steps that you are taking are working.

Let’s use the analogy of a business here.

Any business that is successful and wants to remain successful needs to know what is going on within that business and the only way to really measure the health of a business is to watch the lifeblood of that business also known as money.

If a business owner stops paying attention to or ignores what’s going on with the money ina business the business will start having problems.

The same is true with our health. This is especially the case for diabetics (or others with serious health conditions).

We need to know what’s going on with our bodies or else just like a business that fails because finances are ignored so too our health will fail if ignored.

For diabetics a primary way we can measure our success in regards to maintaining our physical health is to keep track of our blood sugar levels.

To do that we need to at the very least:

1. Have a blood sugar monitor and check our blood sugar levels regularly (as indicated by a physician) and

2. Get a Hemoglobin A1C panel done from time to time as recommended by a physician.

With this information a diabetic can make adjustments and decisions about his / her diet in order to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and therefore protect their overall health including healthy vision.

For those who wish to use alternative methods of treating their diabetes this is especially true as a physician can act as an accountant does in a business scenario and give you good advice as well as paint you a good picture of whether your efforts are working, after you can choose the next course of action to take.

The next article will consider why a healthy diet is important and some things that make a diet healthy specifically when it comes to preventing blindness in diabetic individuals.

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