New Section To Promote Diabetic Health

o promote the best health for diabetics which is in fact the best way to prevent retinopathy we are starting a section devoted just to proper diet which will include healthy low carb recipes.

Whilewe here at are not doctors I (the main writer) am diabetic myself and have found much success in limiting my intake of processed carbohydrates as well as grains in general.

I have found an SCD diet to be most reasonable in my case and my wife’s doctor recommended it to her for her gut problems. He has seen much success with patients with all kinds of ailments including diabetes.

We have been following this diet for over a year now and my hemoglobin A1c numbers have all improved significantly. I have in fact seen some counter intuitive results in some respects.

My goal will be to publish my meals as we make them and to also publish my blood sugars before and 2 hours after as well as to tell you what meds I am taking, whether I have excercised or not and anything else I can think of that would effect my blood sugars.

My hope is that it will be a resource.

That said I will not be able to post my first sugars since I have run out of strips.

But I will post the first extremely tasty meal.

Next post will be a beautiful low carb breakfast burrito.

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